Whirling Mauves


It is a multiple genre game namely  - Adventurous, Casual and Educational.

You have to Play the Role of the Turquoise Ball and have to Collect all the 'Whirling Mauves' (i.e mauve colored cubes rotating on their axis at immense speed) to increase and add up to your score...

After completing each level You will unlock an enlightening Educational Fact(Based on Universe and the outer space.Kindly give time to read it that's really worthy)

You will be facing 'White Revolvers'i.e. white revolving obstacles that will destroy the player if they make a contact with the player..

Complete the Game to get your score by reaching the final 'Whirling Mauve' And Please Share your score at the game website of Whirling Mauves in pourushpandey.itch.io

This game is totally free. However, if you like the game especially its educational approach and you wish to promote it you can give any amount of reward from your side to contribute for many such free games that will be released in the future..


Whirling Mauves for 32bit.rar 10 MB
Dec 17, 2017
Whirling Mauves.rar 11 MB
Dec 17, 2017

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